Cinematic Book Trailer:
Camouflage for the Neighborhood

Director/Cinematographer/Editor Shirley Petchprapa
Produced by Red 14
Music by Aviation Weather

Praise for Camouflage for the Neighborhood

Winner of the 2011 Sentence Award, Firewheel Editions

Available now through Firewheel Editions, Amazon and Small Press Distribution.

“Utterly unlike any book of poetry or prose poetry you’ll read in this or any other year, Camouflage for the Neighborhood has the sharp beauty of a hand-made Clovis-point flint tool, and cuts as deeply into one of the central issues of our age: the home-made, always personal violence we do to one another on this earth, and the interconnection of lives in which it takes place.”

-Jane Hirshfield

“In Camouflage for the Neighborhood, Delany-Ullman meditates on the never-ending home front of war. It is an internalized landscape that would otherwise drift into the erasure of history, were it not for Delany-Ullman’s vigilant witness. For years now, I’ve advocated for writers to focus on war and the long shadows it casts here at home. It’s exciting to see Delany-Ullman working within this tradition, layering this meditation with the various wars and aspects of conflict that make up a large portion of contemporary American life.”

-Brian Turner

“With remarkable acuity, Lorene Delany-Ullman digs through the mythic debris of America’s recent wars, collecting mementoes of the savagery and setting them against the tender trappings of the suburbs. It’s a literary rendition of James Rosenquist’s F-111: horrifying in its juxtapositions, beautiful and deeply unsettling; a dark lullaby set to sweet music.”

-David J. Morris, Storm on the Horizon